Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Sights: Swimming Holes

I've been in Austin almost 2 years and I really haven't done much exploring, which is a shame because there's so much to see around here. With my last day of work on Monday, and a school schedule preventing a vacation, I'm gearing up to see the sights in several mini trips. Obviously the lack of rain and month of scorching temperatures with no end in sight have shaped my destination choices this round.

1. We've been visiting Barton Springs during the free hour from 9-10pm. I dabble my feet in the frigid water and watch people doing tricks off the diving board and weird kids talking to themselves in the water. I haven't been swimming because it creeps me out when plants grab at my feet, especially in the dark, plus it's too cold, but soon I plan to defy the confines of my white skin and go during the middle of the day to get the full benefit of the cold water. Also, Josey and I are going to time how long it takes us to swim from one end to the other - it's 1000 feet long. I'm no swimmer, so I'm guessing it takes me at least 15 minutes.

The pool was used in the movie, Tree of Life

1,000 ft. That's like 3 football fields, right?

2. Hamilton Pool: We tried to go once before, but the pool was closed due to water quality. Also, they only let in so many people at a time, so you really have to plan carefully, but it looks worth it.

Also shot in Tree of Life

3. Krause Springs, Spicewood Springs, TX: It's privately owned, I hear it's spectacular, jungley, and also filled with cold, cold water.

Photo from: 

4. Blue Hole, Wimberley, TX: Beautiful swimming hole surrounded by cypress trees. The city bought the property just a few years ago to prevent residential development in the area.

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